Staircase House

Today we visited Staircase house as part of our topic on the Great Fire of London. We had an action packed day which included dressing up and re-enacting the story of the Great Fire and singing traditional songs. We had chance to build our own Wattle and Daub panel (how the houses were constructed out of withies and clay) and the cures for the Plague, even inventing our own!

Have a look to see some of the fun we got up to!

Staircase House on PhotoPeach

Space Discovery

Today, just as we were about to start our lessons Mrs Madden came running in to tell us about the loud noise and what she had seen. Have a look to see what we found and what we did.

Space Craft Discovery on PhotoPeach

After finding what we believe to be alien eggs we decided to be kind and carefully take care of them. Before we removed them from the ground Miss Jopling and Miss Brownhill gave us the challenge of building a home that we thought would be suitable. We have left them tonight in their new homes and will be will checking over the next few days to see what happens…

DIY SOS: Alien homes on PhotoPeach

Artists at work!

We have been working together to create little pictures that create a bigger picture…just like how we are all individual people but together we make one great big team.

How we did it: Miss J split the photos of each fish in half and then we each got a section to draw. We had to work carefully to look at what our partner was drawing so when put them back together they would match up. We were able to alter our work where needed and then worked together to paint them the correct colours.

Artists at work! on PhotoPeach

Our learning this half term…


Over the coming weeks we will be looking at Famous People as our main topic before moving on to Why we Remember after October half term. In Science we will be looking at being healthy and the different food groups. In DT we will be looking where food comes from before making a meal  using our cooking skills and tasting our results. We will be altering text and pictures for effect in ICT.

We have got lots of fun filled lessons to look forward to! Post a comment below to share with others what you have found out or enjoyed…

Miss J